Canada 150: stars share their passion for the True North

Feeling like waving the flag this Canada Day? Over the past weeks and even months,m I’ve been banking quotes from several TV personalities, getting their response to one question: What does Canada’s 150th birthday mean to you? Among those I quizzed: Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, Rick Mercer (above), Brent Butt, Marilyn Denis, Cobie Smulders, Jared… Read on

At least two to replace Mansbridge at The National

Peter Mansbridge is leaving in five or six weeks and they’re still not ready to name a replacement. That was the big news Wednesday in Toronto at CBC’s annual Upfront. Now, yes, the network had a ton of new and returning content to promote (see the next post). Add up all the kiddie and digital… Read on

“…filling in for Peter Mansbridge — Ian Hanomansing”

When I sat down to interview Ian Hanomansing late last May at the CBC Upfront in Toronto, I got straight into it. “Mansbridge has already hinted he’s leaving soon,” I said. “You’ve been waiting longer than Price Charles for this top job. Should I put some money on it?” Hanomansing waved me off, looked embarrassed… Read on

Mansbridge ready for his moose makeover closeup

“Do I a-moose-you?” That seems to be what Peter Mansbridge is saying. It’s not that he’s on the horns of a dilemma. He’s providing a voice for Disney’s “Zootopia,” opening Friday in theatres everywhere. “It’s come to this Bill, I’m playing a moose,” Mansbridge told me with a laugh. The 67-year-old London-native has been CBC’s main national news anchor… Read on

This week’s podcast: on the bus with Pete and the PM

Was CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge too buddy-buddy with new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on that bus? CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted my take on CBC’s coverage last week of Trudeau’s first day at work. I thought there was nothing wrong with Mansbridge’s informal tone and also enjoyed Trudeau’s zinger suggesting Mansbridge might be out of touch with… Read on

CBC and Mansbridge win election with style and substance

The big loser in Monday’s Canadian federal election? Media companies who raked in record revenues over the course of that 78-day campaign. The tens of millions spent by the Conservatives on all those, “He’s just not ready” ads plus further tens of millions spent by the Liberals and the NDP, plus assorted special interest groups,… Read on

Anchors keep dragging down newscasts on both sides of the border

Lordy, the jokes when I was down at the TCA press tour last month about Canadian news anchors. It seemed like every day I was down in Pasadena, another Canuck news personality was  getting caught screwing up. First it was Global News anchor Leslie Roberts, suspended and then forced to resign after it came to… Read on

This week’s podcast: Mansbridge Petering out?

A quote in the Toronto Star this week grabbed Scott Thompson attention at CHML: “If the toxicity at CBC could be measured, the place would be declared a toxic zone.” Scott wanted to know if Peter Mansbridge’s days are numbered as chief anchor at the public network. An article by Vinay Menon seemed to paint… Read on