All eyes on Blais, Joly at Prime Time in Ottawa

OTTAWA — The 22nd annual Prime Time in Ottawa industry conference — a good place to take Canada’s TV temperature — kicked off Thursday. Bell Media’s least favourite CRTC chair, Jean-Pierre Blais, managed to duck in and out without a single question about those Super Bowl ads. Blais, whose term as chair ends in June… Read on

Crull, Conway and others clash at lively Prime Time in Ottawa panel

Last year I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at Prime Time in Ottawa, an annual Canadian TV industry pow-wow in our nation’s capital. Michael Hennessy and the folks at the Canadian Media Production Association host a gathering of 600 or so producers, broadcast executives, lobbyists and others who basically travel from all across… Read on

Prime Time in Ottawa: Day Two recap

Hindle (right) says I remind him so much of director Bob Clark it’s spooky OTTAWA–A few observations about the second and final day of Prime Time in Ottawa.First, it was fun catching up with Canadian acting dean Art Hindle. He is full of great stories, including one about how he was all set to do… Read on

Prime Time a good time in Ottawa

Gerry Dee (left) is in and at Prime Time OTTAWA—This was my first time attending the annual industry confab Prime Time in Ottawa. Some observations from a rain-soaked TV critic:Gerry Dee performed at the Thursday night post-sessions show and joked that he never knew about this convention until he was asked to participate–which made me… Read on

Ottawa hosts ready for Prime Time players

Prime Time in Ottawa sounds like a Canadian comedy from the ’80s–like Not My Department or Learning the Ropes. Instead, it is a Canadian TV and film industry conference and schmoozefest that has been going on in the nation’s capital since those two shows were on the air. Maybe it began in response to them!Presented… Read on