Barbara Williams’ retirement from Corus has Global implications

Further proof that the Canadian television gravy train has stopped running: Corus announced Wednesday morning that COO and EVP Barbara Williams is retiring. This announcement comes on the heels of the departure of another top-ranking Canadian private network official: Sportsnet President Scott Moore. Williams enjoyed a long and profitable run as the chief show fetcher… Read on

This week’s podcast: fat lies and skinny basic

This whole “skinny basic” cable kerfuffle is radio gold to my pal Scott Thompson at AM900 CHML. He could hardly wait to dive into it on this week’s radio chat. Scott asks if the cable/satellite providers aren’t missing an opportunity by keeping this offer–a skinny basic tier of programming for 25 bucks–as far under the radar… Read on

This week’s podcast: don’t ask about skinny basic

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about the “Cable Killer Box.” I joke it sounds like a new AMC series, but it is another one of those “get all the TV you want for free” deals. This one is being sold in the States and allows viewers to watch tons of TV content by streaming… Read on

Randall Park’s big year beyond Fresh Off The Boat

Election manipulator Stephen Harper’s favourite streaming service–Netflix–is crushing it in Canada with over four million subscribers and counting. The big head start for the U.S.-based content hub has forced Rogers and Shaw to get more aggressive about selling their own little streaming upstart, Shomi. Starting Tuesday, Sept., 1, Shomi will be available to all Canadians… Read on

Upfronts 2015: Shaw tries to Super size at intimate event

Wednesday in Toronto was Shaw’s turn to promote their new and returning shows for fall. The network has pushed its luck by dining off aging hits such as Survivor and NCIS for a dozen long years. In the States, the median age of a NCIS viewer is over 60 and the same is probably true… Read on

Shomi gets Foxi in advance of November launch

The other day, somebody asked me what I thought about shomi. First thing that popped into my head: that sexy Showcase series starring Rachael Crawford that aired a decade ago. No, that was called Show Me Yours. Maybe they were just wishing me a Happy New Year. (Shana Tova?) Then it clicked. That new Shaw/Rogers… Read on

This week’s podcast: Let’s talk CRTC hearings

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson was shocked–shocked!–to hear that Bell was getting out of the TV news business. Well, that was their threat anyway. Bell’s brain trust, along with other industry weasels leaders, have been in Gatineau, Que., the past week-and-a-half. They’re attending something called “Let’s Talk TV: a Conversation with Canadians.” The CRTC called… Read on

The scoop from the LA screenings

UPDATE: There was an unconfirmed report late Tuesday that plenty was left on the table when the Canadian show buyers started putting away their wallets. Apparently the buyers were very picky, or just sticking to what CTV’s Phil King described heading down as the new financial reality. Some of the imports picked up, we’re hearing,… Read on