A quick guide to a Zoo full of summer shows

Summer’s here and the time is right for…watching television? Yes, ignore that warm weather and get back inside. There’s a ton ‘o TV comin’ atcha. The success of Under The Dome two years ago seemed to spike a renewed interest in scripted network drama. That series is back for a third season (how do they… Read on

Bryant Gumbel, TCA crush Carla Gugino HBO highlights

The annual winter gathering of television critics had been sputtering for a day-and-a-half. It isn’t until HBO that things start to get serious. The first bit of news was that Game of Thrones returns April 12. Veep and Silicon Valley also return the same day. HBO also announced it was ordering two more seasons of Real Time… Read on

Jack Black is on The Brink at HBO TCA session

Jack Black made the scene Thursday at TCA. He was before critics to help  promote The Brink, a political satire series coming later this year to HBO. Tim Robbins and, be still my heart, Carla Gugino, are also in the cast. Gugino will be back at TCA next week to promote the upcoming Twin Peaks-like series,… Read on