“…filling in for Peter Mansbridge — Ian Hanomansing”

When I sat down to interview Ian Hanomansing late last May at the CBC Upfront in Toronto, I got straight into it. “Mansbridge has already hinted he’s leaving soon,” I said. “You’ve been waiting longer than Price Charles for this top job. Should I put some money on it?” Hanomansing waved me off, looked embarrassed… Read on

Premiere: “Your Morning” reviewed

The Canadian Press asked me to get up early Monday and review the show that is replacing Canada AM, CTV’s Your Morning. I did, and you can read the review here. I think it was Tim Goodman in The Hollywood Reporter who self-imposes a 100-day ban on reviewing any new late night talk show. Same rule… Read on

Social media, sexism and the Olympics: busting the broadcasters

Since I was watching a lot of it anyway, The Canadian Press asked me to review the coverage — Canadian and American — of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. The review went up on the wire Monday and you can read it here. There’s been much written so far about gaffes and political correctness… Read on

Today’s sitcoms: the vagina monologues

Isn’t it curious how you can say all kinds of S#*! on television that you still can’t say in print?I’ve been wanting for several weeks now to comment on how raunchy the new sitcoms were this season. The pilot for 2 Broke Girls, for example, showed a customer in a restaurant snapping his fingers at… Read on