Margot Kidder 1948 – 2018

This is not a super story about Margot Kidder. Born in the Northwest Territories, the actress best known for playing comic book heroine Lois Lane in a series of Superman movies passed away this week at 69. Kidder was winning on screen and at one point even enchanted the Prime Minister of the day, dating… Read on

For TV buffs, there’s no show like The Hollywood Show

There’s a big TV press event going on right now in Los Angeles and I’m not there this year and it’s killing me. Yes, I’m taking about The Hollywood Show, a celebrity autograph deal that I’ve attended off and on for close to 20 years. Sunday is the final day, so if you’re in the… Read on

More big fish stories from The Hollywood Show

Ben & me in ’97. He worked for scale Wrote another take on the Hollywood Show for Saturday’s Entertainment Section in The Toronto Star. Can’t find a link to it yet on-line, so you know what? Buy a newspaper! The Hollywood Show is usually held four or five times a year. The next one is… Read on