Steven Page’s latest addiction: great food

Page stuffing illegal substances down his pie hole Steven Page’s new Travel & Escape show is called The Illegal Eater (premiering Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET). He might eventually qualify for another show: The Illegal Driver. Page was bombing along the QEW a week or so ago when he blew out a tire.  The… Read on

This week’s podcast: more about those blonds

This week, CHML Talk Radio host Scott Thompson wanted to hear more about those three young blond women dressed in pink mini-dresses carrying the 6-foot inflatable penis around in Vegas. Scott has that kind of journalisticly inquisitive, investigative mind.As mentioned here previously, I was in Vegas covering an upcoming Travel + Escape channel series, the… Read on

Vegas Day Two: paddling by air, land and sea

Brioux and the Bryans. Want an interview? Jump in the lake LAS VEGAS–Had a breathtaking opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the route the Paddling Bryans took along the Colorado river Thursday on a helicopter tour of Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon. Much thanks to publicist extraordinaire Nikki Lamb Tudico and Travel… Read on