Spoiler alert: Murdoch’s season finale a shocker

When I ran into Murdoch Mysteries busy showrunner Peter Mitchell last month in Toronto (we were both caught up in that cool live event game based on the series), he passed along this viewing tip: don’t miss the series 10th season finale. It airs this Monday night on CBC. Apparently everybody gets killed. It gets bloodier than Game… Read on

William Shatner in Toronto this week for Murdoch Mysteries

William Shatner beamed down to Toronto this week to shoot scenes for an appearance next fall on Murdoch Mysteries. Droopy Roger Sterling moustache in place, the 84-year-old TV icon will play American author Mark Twain on the CBC drama when it returns for a ninth season next October. Shatner was busy shooting scenes opposite Yannick… Read on

Murdoch’s 100th brightens CBC’s embattled attrium

Thanks to all the fans who came out to the 100th episode screening of Murdoch Mysteries Monday night in Toronto. The screening saw 1000 fans lined up around the block outside CBC’s Broadcast Centre. There were so many on the sidewalk passers by assumed it was a witness express line for former Q interns. Inside, the atrium screening was… Read on

Wedding bells ring out for Murdoch Mysteries 100th episode

Just a few years ago, Murdoch Mysteries was deader than Jian Ghomeshi at a meeting of Intern parents. That was back when City walked away from the series after five seasons. Now it is CBC’s most-watched scripted series and one of the highest-rated dramas in Canada. It could also be Canada’s Top TV export, sold to… Read on

MIPCOM: come to buy shows, stay for the speakers

CANNES,  France–Once it ends, MIPCOM gets ripped down faster than a “Ford for Mayor” banner on Queen West. At the crack of four, workers began dismantling booths and carting away all the hype. The free WiFi got yanked around 16:05 CET. Basically thanks for coming, now get the hell to the airport, touristes. The four… Read on

Welcome to MIPCOM, like Vegas in a Cannes

CANNES, France—Still not convinced that television is becoming a one big world business? Turn on a TV in France and you see the same thing you see if you turn a set on any time of the night or day in Canada—Murdoch Mysteries. As I type, an episode from Season Seven of the shot-in-Toronto detective… Read on

Murdoch and Doyle, one more time

Yannick Bisson (left) and Allan Hawco admire the view on Republic of Doyle Wednesday, the great Canadian crossover concludes on Republic of Doyle (CBC, 9 p.m. ET/PT).This is where Yannick Bisson and Allan Hawco jump into each other’s shows. Hawco went back in time to play the great, great grandfather of Jake Doyle last fall… Read on

TONIGHT: “Republic of Murdoch”

Monday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT, CBC airs “Republic of Murdoch,” a crossover episode linking Murdoch Mysteries and Republic of Doyle. The story finds Det. William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson, far right) traveling to Newfoundland with Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris, middle). They’re hard on the trail of a fella named Jacob Doyle–who just happens to be the… Read on