Here is another conversation I had in May at the CBC Media Upfront on Toronto.  Allan Hawco and Josephine Jobert — stars of the upcoming CBC series Saint-Pierre — talk about shooting the series, which will premiere in 2025. Currently in production on the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the police procedural finds an out of favour

One of the new shows on CBC’s 2024-25 schedule is called Small Achievable Goals. It is a scripted comedy about female podcasters going through menopause. Those three words, however, coulld also describe, in a fiercely competitive and crowded media landscape, the only way forward for CBC.  On this episode of brioux.tv: the podcast, I speak with Executive

CBC held their annual programming pep rally for members of the press Thursday in Toronto. This kicks off what is still called “Upfront” season in Canada, which refers more to broadcasters putting their wares before advertisers in an attempt to sell commercials “upfront” of a coming season. For CBC it is more about getting upfront