TV History


One of the last surviving members of a cherished Canadian voice troope from the early ’60s has passed away. Alfie Scopp, 101 years of age, died July 24 in Toronto. He was one of the golden voices associated with the talented Toronto troope who spoke for characters from the 1964 beloved annual holiday classic “Rudolph

The one and only time I encountered Jackie Mason in person he was selling Chicken Soup. Not the dish; the TV show. Co-starring the English actress Lynn Redgrave as his Irish Catholic girlfriend, Chicken Soup cast Mason as what he was at the time, a middle-aged Jewish man with a droll but searing sense of

Herb Tarlek earned a place of honour on TV’s Mount Rushmore of boorish, weasel-y characters. The WKRP in Cincinnati sales manager just oozed phony charm with every, “Hey big guy” entrance. The white shoes, white belt, plaid jacket with elbow patches – it is a wonder Frank Bonner could even be heard over his wardrobe.

Gavin MacLeod had to know both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat would be referenced in the first line of all his obituaries. The New York State native — who passed away May 29 at 90 — was Murray Slaughter or Captain Stubing through 16 straight seasons of network TV glory. Yet

Paul Soles — one of the last surviving members of the annual holiday special Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer voice cast — passed away Wednesday in Toronto. He was 90. Soles, of course, was known for so much more than that. His career in Canadian television spanned seven decades, from an early appearance on London, Ontario’s