Mike Tyson: The Knockout (ABC) is the ultimate celebrity profile roller coaster ride. Seldom has such a polarizing personality been so at the centre of the American Dream. Tuesday’s first episode deals with Tyson’s remarkable transition from bullied kid to “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” Among those interviewed are former trainers Bobby Stewart and Teddy

If you’re looking for something on television to get you through the long weekend, here are three recent shows I’m currently sampling. The first is brand new today: 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything (AppleTV+) is an eight-episode music documentary about, well, basically the year when the music changed everything for me. I still have

Since they also own everything else, it’s easy to forget that Disney now also owns The Simpsons, along with retaining rights to the “Star Wars” franchise. Itr doesn’t take Yoda to figure out that the two would someday be made as one. That day is today, May the 4th, as Disney+ premieres Maggie Simpson in

They probably should have called the Oscars something else this year. Held in a train station, delayed two months, handicapped by a field of entries that, no matter how worthy, most TV viewers had not seen, this was a show that was different. There was no band there to rudely interrupt speeches or a host