Ratings for the second game of this spring’s Stanley Cup playoffs declined by more than half a million viewers from Game One. The overnight estimates from Monday, June 10, show that 1,594,000 viewers across Canada watched the Florida Panthers defeat the Edmonton Oilers 4-1 on Sportsnet national. Another 1,O61,000 saw the game that same night

In the last of the Canadian television media company upfronts, Rogers delivered their message in a slick, pre-packaged video preview. It was emphasiszed over and over again that Sportsnet is now the “undisputed” No. 1 sports media brand in Canada. Blue Jays host Jamie Campbell proclaimed it. Chief Revenue Officer Al Dark repeated it, “no

It has been a wild week at Corus Entertainment. All was well last Wednesday when the Canadian media company hosted their annual Upfront to advertisers. By Friday, they had to issue a release addressing some shocking news: Warner Bros Discovery was not going to renew their long-standing specialty channel brand relationships with Corus beyond the

Tonight marks the final appearance of pat Sajak as host of the Wheel of Fortune. The 77-year-old entertainer is leaving after 41 seasons and over 9000 shows. That is a lot of spinning, and Sajak, who has had some helath problems in recent years, has opted to step away from one of the cushiest jobs

Milton Berle was television’s earliest non-puppet breakout star. Let’s not forget Howdy Doody. Berle’s Texaco Star Theater (1948-’53) a rambunctious comedy-variety series that stood out in the early days of network television, was the most-watched series among early set buyers. Berle himself joked that he sold more TV’s than anyone else. When his show came

If you listened to the 1972 Canada-Soviet Union Summit Series over the radio — as some of us did with a wire running up one arm and into an ear speaker while pretending to pay attention in a classroom — it wasn’t the voice of Hockey Hall of Famer Foster Hewitt calling the play-by-play. It

Just yesterday, I was watching one of my 16mm film prints of CBS sports reels used to promote seasonal programming back in the ’60s and ’70s. Some early ones featured OJ Simpson back when he was a star running back, first in college at USC and later as a member of the Buffalo Bills. Simpson

Those of us who grew up with SCTV have it deep inside our nervous systems. To this day, if Joe Flaherty and John Candy show up on Instagram, as they did for me yesterday, in a sketch as the two hopeless lads from “Goin’ Down the Road,” we watch it all again and love every