With all the attention on the real royal family, it is no wonder that The Crown has leapt back up into the Top-10 most watched Netflix shows in Canada. The series has seen a renewed popularity all over the world, ranking in the Top-10 in 87 different countries and territories. Cobra Kai‘s fifth season, however,

The fifth Season premiere of Cobra Kai was the most-watched Netflix program in Canada the week of September 5-11. Cobra Kai clocked the most Netflix hours that same week in 83 countries, including The United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom. Also cracking the chart in its first week in Canada were

As mentioned previously, Numeris will soon stop sharing their weekly Top-30 lists of most-watched broadcast shows in Canada. The good news is, with more and more Canadian viewers switching to streaming services, weekly rankings for other services have started to emerge — and they represent the week just ended, not rankings compiled and shared nine

After a week off, the Aug. 9 episode of The Amazing Race Canada put that series back on top of the weekly Numeris Top-30 with over 1.6 million total viewers. The episode, which took place mainly in Alberta and British Columbia, featured kite gliding, skeet shooting and skiing. Also among the most-watched shows of the