Attention Hearties–and especially Hickies! Or is that Bennies?

This week’s episode of the podcast features Ben Rosenbaum. For over a decade, he’s played Jack of all trades Mike Hickam on When Calls the Heart, the longest-running series on both Hallmark and Super Channel.

Ben joins several WCTH castmates who can be heard in conversation on the podcast, including Pascale Hutton and Kevan Smith, Andrea Brooks and Kevin McGarry. With Season 11 running through June, WCTH has already been renewed for a 12th season in 2025.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Minneapolis, Rosenbaum has enjoyed his decade-long run working on the show, which is shot on a fully-realized, outdoors, 1920s-era location set near Langley, B.C. Rosenbaum so considers Canada his second home that he applied for landed immigrant status. 

On this episode, he looks back over the years and talks about Hickam’s slow and steady romance with Mei Sou (Amanda Wong) and how his character has grown from being, to use an Andy Griffith Show comparison, the Barney Fife of Hope Valley to more of its Andy Taylor.

To listen to the podcast, simply click on the white arrow inside the blue dot, above.


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