Bill Brioux


What is the most-watched scripted series in America in all of broadcast TV these days? No, not NCIS, or FBI, or Chicago Fire. According to data released Tuesday, April 16 by CBS, it is Tracker, the rookie series about lone-wolf survivalist Colter Shaw played by Justin Hartley. Shaw roams America helping cops and private citizens

When you heard that Michael Douglas was cast in the role of Benjamin Franklin, be honest. Your first thought was, Whaat? Michael Douglas?? Maybe Paul Giamatti, but Michael Douglas does not look like the guy on the US hundred dollar bill. Yet, about four minutes into Franklin, AppleTV+’s epic, eight-part historical series about the founding

Just yesterday, I was watching one of my 16mm film prints of CBS sports reels used to promote seasonal programming back in the ’60s and ’70s. Some early ones featured OJ Simpson back when he was a star running back, first in college at USC and later as a member of the Buffalo Bills. Simpson

The late great NBC programming boss, Brandon Tartikoff, once called TV ratings “the box score of the ‘90s.” That was back when shows such as Cheers, Frasier and Friends competed to see who was the most “Must See” of the week. Those were the B.S. years – Before Streaming. Viewers haven’t been stuck with broadcast