Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML wanted to know how the heck TV Boy got invited to hang out with all the cool filk folk at the Canadian Film Centre’s annual TIFF BBQ last Sunday. I confess I’m lost among the beautiful people and still using the line that the only ribs on display at that BBQ are on the skinny young movie starlets.
Mentioned running into CFC founder Norman Jewison again at the Bell Lightbox Monday at the salute to Brian Linehan and how the dean of Canadian filmmakers almost skipped the trip to the new building’s fourth floor–he has a phobia of riding elevators. “You won’t catch Steven Spielberg in here either,” he said, revealing that the director of Jaws and Indiana Jones is ascared of the lift. Snakes I can see but elevators??

We also talk about Coach Jimmy Johnson’s debut Wednesday night on the season premiere of Survivor Nicaragua. Geez, the dude is going to get his hair teased Sunday by Terry Bradshaw and his other Fox Sports pals.
Listen in on the Scott talk here.

Switch over to the voice of WIMA, my pal Mike Miller, and our weekly Lima, Ohio, radio chat. Mike asked this week about the upcoming debut of Hawaii FIVE-0, which starts Monday Sept. 20. Gotta love that theme song. I also urge Mike not to miss Sunday’s premiere of the season’s best new drama, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi is the Man in this role of a lifetime, set in Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition.
Listen in on the WIMA yak here.

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