CHML’s Scott Thompson tricks me by opening this week’s podcast with a theme to a current TV series. I draw a blank and kick myself later. See if you can name that tune. You can listen in here.
Scott asks about Dragon’s Den and wants to know why the show does so well. Good question, especially since it works in Canada but bombed when Mark Burnett tried to make it over in the U.S. as Shark Tank. He even used two of our dragons.
We talk a bit, too, about strange doings over at David Letterman. Scott thinks he’s looking more and more like Andy Rooney and needs to trim his eyebrows. He’s starting to behave that way, too, ranting this week about food shortages during a visit from Rachel Ray; Letterman got so worked up he apologised (sort of) the next night.
We talk too about The Flintstones celebrating the big 5-0. The Hanna-Barbera series launched Sept. 30, 1960. Yes, the modern stone age family was a thinly-veiled reworking of The Honeymooners. Hanna-Barbera stole a lot of their toon output from ’50s television, they were the YouTube mixalots of their day.
We also talk about Community, and Chevy Chase, and that horrific late night talk show that killed his career for 15 years. Ah, memories.

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