Given how housing markets have shifted the past couple of years, it’s a bit daring for the Scott twins — Drew and Jonathan — to choose pricey San Francisco as their turf for Season 6 of Brother vs. Brother. The first new episode premieres Monday, May 28 on HGTV Canada.

Then again, Drew is just coming off a lavish wedding in Italy that got sold as a TV special (airing June 2 on TLC) and the boys are also popping into an episode of Home to Win (June 5 on HGTV), so it’s not like the revenue tap has been squeezed shut.

When I spoke to the 40-year-old twins last week on the phone, they were in Nashville shooting an upcoming episode of Property Brothers. Next stop Calgary for more fix and flip TV. These guys never stop.

“We are over achievers,” says Drew. “Plus, we enjoy what we do.”

They’re also incredibly media savvy. Drew is quick to point out that the competition between him and Jonathan this season on Brother vs. Brother will raise big bucks for charity. The goal this season, as in other seasons, is for the dudes to each buy a house and then fix ’em and flip ’em; the bro who scores the most profit wins and that profit goes to charity.


The Scott’s are Vancouver natives and while their fame has spread to the States they haven’t forgotten where they first got their big break in television.

“We’re both excited to come back to Canada and film in Calgary because we just love out Canadian fans so much,” says Jonathan.

They also feel that their shows are educational as well as aspirational.

“Jonathan and I love being able to help families get ahead,” says Drew. Both say their shows are more about DTR (“doing things right”) than DIY. “At the end of the day, if you’re creating a house to flip, make sure you’re creating a beautiful home but also a functional and safe home, one that works for many different families.”

Drew says their shows are for people who “always wanted to have that dream home but never thought it was achievable. We’re showing you that it is and, on top of that, we show you how to achieve it.”

I asked if it was still true that the two most important rooms in any reno and flip scenario are the bathroom and the kitchen.

“Those are the sexy rooms,” said Jonathan. “But what we do also tell people, is that if you’re looking to sell your home and get the most value back possible, if you just renovate the kitchen and bathroom you’re never going to get as much money as if you spread the money out through out the entire house. That is going to get you more bang for your buck in the end—having the whole house look fresh.”

It’s pretty hard to keep up with these two but fans will have a chance to meet them live this winter. Billed as an ultimate design cruise, “Sailing with the Scotts” sets sail for the Caribbean in December. There are workshops and panel discussions about flipping and renovations but mostly the dudes are their to party. Information and tickets are available here. “It’s the most epic way for fans to hang out with us and get away from the cold Canadian winter weather,” says Drew.

For more on the Scotts, including Drew’s reaction to all the media attention surrounding his wedding, follow this link to the feature I wrote about the return of Brother vs. Brother for The Canadian Press.

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