2 Broke Girls


I caught up with Andrew Orenstein last week.  He’s the creator and showrunner of Package Deal, which is back for a second season starting Friday night at 8 p.m. ET on City. Orenstein was at a downtown Toronto hotel and I managed to trick him into buying lunch. We had a good catch up over

Seed stars Adam Korson and Carrie-Lynn Neales: Take two I’ve been following the TV numbers racket for years in Canada but am left scratching my head over the past few days.  The one that really seems, if you’ll pardon the pun, inconceivable: the soft opening of Seed Monday night on City. According to the overnight

King (not laughing), and Broke Girls Dennings and Behr PASADENA, CA–If it ain’t 2 Broke Girls, don’t fix it.That seemed to be Michael Patrick King’s take away from Wednesday’s surprisingly combative CBS press tour session. The Sex and the City creator’s hit show was hammered over what some critics see as the depiction of ethnic

Isn’t it curious how you can say all kinds of S#*! on television that you still can’t say in print?I’ve been wanting for several weeks now to comment on how raunchy the new sitcoms were this season. The pilot for 2 Broke Girls, for example, showed a customer in a restaurant snapping his fingers at

Charlie Sheen (middle) makes an ash of himself on Two and a Half Men Continuing the dick jokes from last night’s Two and a Half Men, knew it would be huge, but that big? CTV scored an overnight, estimated audience of 4,906,000 viewers across Canada for the ninth season premiere of Two and a Half