I was on a set visit Thursday in Toronto when I noticed this big, red, panic button on a studio wall. “Go ahead, push it,” said the publicist, somebody I’ve known and trusted for years. I did, four times, and the warning should be in every sound stage in Canada. You can listen to the

From Thursdays’ Late Show with David Letterman: Top 10 reasons Rob Ford is taking a leave of absence 10. His drinking began to interfere with his crack smoking 9. Wants to spend more time with his humiliated family 8. Crack scene in Toronto is so over 7.Worries that if he stays he’ll embarrass himself 6. Meetings

Billy Bob Thornton brings menace to FXX’s Fargo Fargo, which premieres Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on FX and FXX Canada, is not Billy Bob Thornton’s first time at the TV rodeo. That came many years ago, before the 58-year-old writer/director/actor won an Oscar and other accolades for playing a string of memorable screen characters

The announcement, from The Man himself. Letterman calculates that he has done 5,914 shows, 4014 at CBS, 1810 shows at NBC (plus 90 morning shows). He’ll pass six thousand before he exits in 2015. Best line was the one he was giving to the growing number of people who have been asking him when he’ll

Ferguson and Carey. Monty Brinton/CBS Now that’s how to pull off an April Fool’s joke. On Tuesday, in the wee hours on The Late Late Show and later that morning on The Price is Right, the hosts of those two shows–Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey–switched places. Carey and Ferguson have known each other for years,

Napoleon once said that an army travels on its stomach. Sure, armys are important, but what he really meant to say was “crews working TV shows.” Smart producers know that hiring the best craft services chef is more important than tax incentives. Well, okay, not that important, but important.Reporters on set visits occasionally get to

Juan, Paula, George (with ladder) and Brioux LONDON–Folks who come to this alleged TV site often are probably a little Beatled out by now, but in the spirit of 50 years since ’64, please forgive another indulgence.I’ve been fortunate to come to England this week as a guest of Shaw Media to visit the set

Peter Lenkov (left in white shirt) shows off the FIVE-0 writer’s room Usually, there are four or five set visits during a Winter or Summer TCA press tour. It is cool to see set designs and furnishings up close, but this month brought something different and long overdue–a visit to a writer’s room.It occurred last