Fall Preview 2013


What happened to Sundays? Zombies stole our shows!Instead of juicy network dramas like Desperate Housewives, the night is now mostly comprised of reality shows and cartoons. The Amazing Race is still dominant at 8 on CTV, and The Simpsons still draws in the demos on Global after nearly a quarter of a century, but it

There’s been lots to catch up on with CHML’s Scott Thompson the past couple of weeks. Scott asks first about Jimmy Kimmel and his latest pants-on-fire YouTube prank. The twerking girl on fire hoax (13.8 million YouTube views and counting!) was sheer genius, I say, but even more fascinating was the countless news reports Kimmel showed

Hump day seems up for grabs this coming season. After 13 years, Survivor is starting to show its age in Canada, leaving room open for others to finally knock it off the island.For CBC, this may help sustain its No. 1 show, Dragon’s Den, as well as re-launch at 9 an-extended season of Republic of