There’s been lots to catch up on with CHML’s Scott Thompson the past couple of weeks. Scott asks first about Jimmy Kimmel and his latest pants-on-fire YouTube prank. The twerking girl on fire hoax (13.8 million YouTube views and counting!) was sheer genius, I say, but even more fascinating was the countless news reports Kimmel showed earlier this week, as local stations, network morning shows and many other so-called legitimate news outlets all got caught up in the fake Internet sting. If there was ever an indictment of how shoddy and superficial TV news coverage has fallen, well, Kimmel pulled everybody’s pants down again big time with this gag.
As Scott points out, “you watch any major newscast now, especially  at 11 o’clock at night, if its a slow news day they’re always showing us a kicker off YouTube. Was it not a matter of time before they got bit in the rear end with this?”
We also talk about the 9/11 anniversary coverage 12 years after the fact. I’m sure if people had Facebook when Pearl Harbor was attacked, they’d be posting remembrances in 1953. There’s also a nod to NBC’s new nightly game show, The Million Second Quiz, which merits this 10 second review.
The big talk is about the new fall TV season. I yak about my picks and pans for the new season, including The Blacklist starring James Spader (a pick) and Sean Hayes in Sean Saves the World (a pass!). You can read my capsule reviews here, with the link also found on the banner on top of this blog, right under the TVFMF logo.

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