Spun Out opened Thursday night to 1,218,000 CTV viewers according to overnight estimates. Numbers for the second episode, which aired in the sitcom’s regular, Friday at 8 timeslot, will not be available here until next week. That’s a lot of viewers, and certainly much more than Seeds or Package Deal premiered to on City, but

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson started off asking about the Olympic ratings. Specifically: how commissioner Gary Bettman can be threatening to yank the NHL out of the Olympics when hockey is gaining viewers in America.NBC reported Wednesday that the USA-Czech quarter final game was streamed by close to 800,000 viewers, the most-streamed Olympic sporting event

Are you like me? Do you not care about the Super Bowl ads this year? Canadians have always been tantalized by what we can’t have, so getting shut out of the Great American Ad Orgy always drove us nuts.Now, however, even Canadians can pretty much see all the high-priced American ads right now on-line, so

Peter Lenkov (left in white shirt) shows off the FIVE-0 writer’s room Usually, there are four or five set visits during a Winter or Summer TCA press tour. It is cool to see set designs and furnishings up close, but this month brought something different and long overdue–a visit to a writer’s room.It occurred last

Kinnear (front, centre) was one of many at the main TCA Rake session… The economy being what it is, networks presenting new shows at the TCA press tour have been doubling up in recent years. While the American and Canadian critics and reporters get the main show in the big room, Fox and HBO and

The Death March with Cocktails known as the Winter gathering of the Television Critics Association press tour is just about at an end. Some folks have stayed an extra day or two to get their pictures taken with the Sesame Street gang, meet  Bob Newhart, George Takei and other Pioneers of Television and visit the

PASADENA, CA–That Ken Burns. He pays attention to detail.Monday afternoon, he was back at press tour for the umpteenth time, this season promoting The Address. At 90 minutes, The Address is about four score and seven years shorter than many of Burns’  epic docu-films of the past. That’s because it is based on Abraham Lincoln’s