This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson started off asking about the Olympic ratings. Specifically: how commissioner Gary Bettman can be threatening to yank the NHL out of the Olympics when hockey is gaining viewers in America.
NBC reported Wednesday that the USA-Czech quarter final game was streamed by close to 800,000 viewers, the most-streamed Olympic sporting event in NBC history.
What they’re not bragging about is the nightly prime time Olympic TV ratings, which are just okay. Down double digits from Vancouver, more comparable to Turin in 2006.
Scott also gets my review of Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show, which is pretty much how I saw it in the post right before this one. Pretty damn good.
I also work in a mention that I’m on the road this week attending Prime Time in Ottawa, a Canadian TV industry convention for movers and shakers looking for the Banff experience without all that scenery. I’m moderating a panel of broadcast executives Thursday, all tasked with developing new Canadian content.
We also talk once again about whether or not Letterman should retire, but, at this point, I’m pretty sure Dave is just waiting us out. You can listen in here.

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