Are you like me? Do you not care about the Super Bowl ads this year? Canadians have always been tantalized by what we can’t have, so getting shut out of the Great American Ad Orgy always drove us nuts.
Now, however, even Canadians can pretty much see all the high-priced American ads right now on-line, so no big deal. In a way this ad-anywhere, on-demand deal has watered down their value. It seems wrong, too, to have to sit through a 30-second ad on-line just to see one of these commercials. That’s when you begin to wonder if this whole thing may have already gone way offside.
Some of these Super Bowl ads are still pretty mind blowing. Above is a crazy long ad from a beer company that sums up all the excess that is the Super Bowl. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it, plus Don Cheedle, Minka Kelly, twins, llamas…and a dude who gets the night of his life.
The on-line version runs well over three minutes, but that will be cut down for the Super Bowl broadcast into two spots totaling 90 seconds.
Fox was apparently charging up to $4 million this year for a 30 second spot. Basically one second of air time on Fox Sunday night (US value: $133,333) will go for the same price an entire 30 second spot on CTV. Both networks are sold out.
By the way, there is also a game, and it starts at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT. You can find other 2014 Super Bowl ads here, including spots starring Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, Laurence Fishburne, David Beckham and the great Terry Crews with The Muppets. Enjoy responsibly.

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