Arnold Schwarzenegger


Here’s a surprise — James Cameron hosts the new AMC documentary series Visionairies: James Cameron’s story of Science Fiction. They could have asked my Grade 12 Science teacher to host it, or Larry King, but no, they got Cameron. Smart movie, AMC. The six-part series premieres Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. The

It really isn’t fair to review a late night talk show after one episode. It took Conan O’Brien six months to a year to find his rhythm. Larry Wilmore new Comedy Central series continues to evolve. Still, if Corden’s mission was to establish himself as a clear alternative Monday it was pretty much mission accomplished.

Are you like me? Do you not care about the Super Bowl ads this year? Canadians have always been tantalized by what we can’t have, so getting shut out of the Great American Ad Orgy always drove us nuts.Now, however, even Canadians can pretty much see all the high-priced American ads right now on-line, so

“I vill crush you like the pencil neck geeks you are!” BEVERLY HILLS, CA–And now a man who needs no introduction,” said ESPN vice president Connor Schell. “Do it anyway,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger.The former “Governator” was ESPN’s way of getting us to stick around to the very end of this summer’s TCA press tour. While