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Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel, who, in his fourth turn as Oscar host, brought the show in on time and — just before it ended — managed to roast one of his harshest critics. Kimmel was smooth and confident throughout, keeping things fun as well as moving. Suggesting the show was running short towards the end,

One of my favourite Netflix comedies — Never Have I Ever — returned last week and went straight to No. 1 on the streaming services most-watched shows list in Canada. The fourth and final season of the Mindy Kalling-produced high school sitcom, which stars Mississauga, Ont. actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, had over 15 million views in

Despite mixed (to be generous) reviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action series FUBAR remained in the No. 1 slot in its second week. The series drew 88.03 million hours viewed and appeared in the Netflix Top 10 in 91 countries. A surprise No. 2 in Canada was the Colombian drama Fake Profile. The steamy, Spanish language series

Look at these two. Do they not look bored out of their minds? Trapped in a series so out of touch with society today it literally takes place in the middle of the road. Why is Carrie wearing a shower curtain over Red Green’s old bathrobe? Is Aidan off to face certain Peloton death? Please

Despite some less than stellar reviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first-ever TV series, FURBAR, was the most-viewed offering last week on Netflix. The 10-episode series kinda looks at what Schwarzenegger’s agent character from “True Lies” might be doing now that he is nearing retirement age. In real life, Arnold is 75. Shot in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville,

Because its annoying and sometimes messy to have to look down from your bowl of chili to watch them on TV during the game, here is a link to some of tonight’s most-talked about Super Bowl ads on-line. With NBC selling commercial time for upwards of seven million dollars per spot, the new ads feature