Thursday night, Young Sheldon ends a seven season run with two back-to-back episodes on CBS and CTV. Gone are the day, however, when the end of a sitcom would command record-breakng audiences. CBS is trying to goose the numbers, of course. The Chuck Lorre-produced sitcom will welcome back Jim Parsons (an executive producer and narrator

Where is Wendy Williams? She wasn’t at the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour, although Lifetime was there to promote the four-hour documentary “Where is Wendy Williams.” After a court injunction brought by a family member attempting to block the airing of the film was tossed out, it will premiere as scheduled over two

If you missed the theatrical release, tonight is the television debut of Blackberry. This is the rags to riches story about the people behind Canada’s once essential smartphone. Catch it on CBC and CBC Gem. The story of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie is about two men who created the perfect smartphone and then saw

In Tuesday night’s Ninth season premiere, the ten teams take off from the starting line in Winnipeg, Man. First stop is Calgary and on and on across Canada. But why is the episode titled, “I Hate Pancakes?” Who hates pancakes?? It was still a bit wintery last April/May when the race was run. There’s snow