Silicon Valley


Sunday marks the 3rd season premiere of one of TV’s funniest comedies–Silicon Valley (10 p.m. ET, HBO and HBO Canada). Some other show comes back right before that, Game of Something or other. Veep is also returning, but as Hugh Hefner used to say, let’s stick with Silicon. I had fun interviewing leads Thomas Middleditch

MONTREAL–The cast and creators of HBO’s Silicon Valley had a packed banquet room full of fans in stitches–or was it the session moderator? The poor chap never knew what hit him. T.J. Miller has been tearing up Just for Laughs for days at Club Lucky and other stand-up venues and is on fire. Thomas Middleditch

Mike Judge (left) with Alec Berg Idiocracy is the funniest film most people have never seen. If you get a chance, find the feature–which came and went in 2006–and screen it. It stars Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph and is to laff. If you can’t find it, do the next best thing and watch the