Sun News Network


In a surprise move, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission announced today it was granting Sun News network’s request to become a must-carry TV channel.“They just kept asking, over and over again,” CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais explained in Ottawa yesterday.Mandatory carriage means the little-watched news network will be forced on consumers in every household in Canada.

Not Sun News’ morning man Pat Bolland The Sun News Network celebrated its first anniversary April 18. I guess my party invite got lost in the mail.The Quebecor venture lurched back onto the radar a few weeks ago when they were ringside for Justin Trudeau’s “Thrilla on the Hilla” in Ottawa. Otherwise things have been

Ken Finkleman is back as boorish producer George Findlay in Good God This will not come as a shock to most industry observers, but Ken Finkleman is no fan of the Sun News Network. The producer of The Newsroom switched it on once out of curiosity and stumbled upon Sun News pundit Ezra Levant. “He

Huh. Wasn’t Quebecor supposed to pull the plug on their Sun News Network over-the-air broadcast transmitters November 1? Yet I turn my TV to channel 15 and there is the same ad for arthritis meds hustled by one of Sun News Network’s on-air news anchors. At least he hasn’t yet stooped to modeling the Geniebra!