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“If you disagree with us, ignore us.” That’s what Ezra Levant told Canadians minutes into his first broadcast on Sun News Network. Who knew he had that much power and influence? The Little Station that Couldn’t rose from obscurity and is now headed for oblivion. It peters out a few days after Brian Williams implodes

It’s not like they spent a lot of money on a custom-designed set Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s new series Ford Nation has been canceled after just one episode on Sun News Network.Odd, since Rob and Doug Ford’s debut Monday night on Sun News drew 155,000 overnight, estimated viewers, a record for the struggling news channel.

Doug and Rob Ford met expectations Monday on Ford Nation When the overnight estimates come in at the end of the day Tuesday, look for the Sun News Network to have set a viewing record for Monday night’s premiere of Ford Nation. (Those numbers will be updated right here).Mind you, that’s like saying the Jays

Kevin Newman Just Kevin Newman’s luck! The veteran Canadian newsman is launching a bold, experimental news magazine tonight called Kevin Newman Live. Look for it weeknights at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT starting Monday on CTV News Channel.Trouble is, its launching the same night as another new news venture–Ford Nation, the zany antics of brothers

Oh yeah, CRTC? The Sun News Network couldn’t get a “Must Carry” licence, so now they’re after a “Must Carry or We’ll Keep Airing Crazy Crap Like This” license. The little-watched news service will get a shot on Jimmy Kimmel Live for sure starting Monday with a new series featuring Toronto mayor Rob Ford and

Sun Newsers and one of their fans in happier times Denied.That was the CRTC ruling Thursday for the Sun News Network, the all news operation launched over two years ago by Quebecor. The channel has struggled, losing a reported $15 million in its first year. Executives argued that it deserved to be on a level

Starlight’s Big 3 Paul Gross, David Cronenberg and Robert Lantos Looking for some crackling good reading on the future of Canadian television? You could do worse than to peruse the transcripts coming out of Gatineaux from the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission hearings into mandatory distribution. One overall impression that stands out: this is indeed a

This week through May 2 in Gatineau, Que., the CRTC is hearing from a steady stream of hucksters folks looking to get mandatory carriage for their TV stations. If you are a shut in or, worse, a TV critic, you can watch it all unfold on CPAC–provided you have a strong stomach. Mandatory carriage means