This week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson touches on–what else?–David Letterman and the on-going Late Show intrigue.
Letterman’s ratings, to no one’s surprise, are way up. As Tonight Show guest Drew Carey said to Conan O’Brien late last week, “Why am I even here? Everybody’s going to be watching Letterman.”
The Associated Press has been hammering away at this story with Frazer Moore filing this people-who-live-in-glass-houses-shouldn’t-throw-stones beaut. Moore and some AP associates attempted to track down Letterman targets like former Florida congressman Mark Foley, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, Sen. Gary Hart and other political scandal survivors for their take on Letterman’s troubles. The reactions are surprisingly compassionate.
The weekly radio chat also touches on those eye-popping PPM numbers as well as the big financial news with Canwest finally filing for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday. Just when Global was getting some real traction with five of the Top-10 new shows this season, with Glee (airing tonight at 9 on Fox and Global) taking the No. 1 rookie spot overall in Canada after four weeks among 18-49-year-olds.
Listen to the entire radio chat here.

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