The Oscars were huge, and Big Bang continues to explode. Here’s the rest of the story for the week of February 21 to 27 in Canada according to 2+ overnight estimates.

Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown—has it hurt or helped the Two and a Half Men ratings? Last Monday’s rerun drew 1,910,000 CTV viewers, second only to Global’s House (2 million) on the night. CTV also scored with Castle (1,713,000), Mike & Molly (close to 1.6 million) and the second episode of Mad Love (1,361,000). Matthew Perry’s new comedy Mr. Sunshine clouded under a million this week (947,000), sinking way below what Hot in Cleveland was drawing a month ago in this timeslot.
Global got another strong outing from new Fox drama The Chicago Code (1,439,000) with Hawaii FIVE-0 close behind (1,422,000).
The Bachelor appealed to 871,000 on City, with new import drama Harry’s Law capturing 680,000.
A couple of Family Day stunts paid off. A Good Luck Charlie marathon on Family peaked at 6:30 with 432,000 viewers. A M*A*S*H marathon on History hit a high of 439,000 at 5:30 p.m.
18 to Life, struggling all season, drew its biggest audience of the year the week it gets canned by CBC: 381,000 overnight, estimated viewers. Little Mosque did 474,000, Village on a Diet swelled to 686,000.

Glee (1,887,000) edged NCIS: Los Angeles (1,983,000) for top show of the night honours. (The Glee advantage was greater in the demos.) The Good Wife had a good night (1,341,000), and No Ordinary Family stayed on pace in Canada (1,184,000).
Rick Mercer Report led all CBC shows (1,111,000) save Jeopardy! (1,168,000). CTV’s The Listener (861,000) remained consistent, with Law & Order SVU drawing 928,000 an hour earlier on CTV. City gained 653,000 with The Biggest Loser. American Pickers found 418,000 on History. New and renewed CBC spy comedy InSecurity (356,000) slid below what 18 to Life did this week. Pillars of the Earth posted 586,000 viewers.


Don’t snuff that Tiki torch just yet. American Idol (2,744,000) beat Survivor (2,365,000) head-to-head in Canada in the 2+ tally but not in the 25 to 54-year-old demo. The new Criminal Minds SB arrested at CTV (1,879,000) with the original Minds nabbing 1,097,000 at /A. W. Brett Wilson will miss the 1,423,000 viewers on Dragons’ Den. New midseason medical drama Off the Map found 1,016,000 on Global. Modern Family drew 825,000 on City. CBC’s Republic of Doyle did 760,000. The original NCIS drew 673,000.

If you’re Chuck Lorre, you`re probably thinking who needs that Two and a Half Men headache anymore? Not while The Big Bang Theory is rocking 3,447,000 viewers in Canada. CTV`s huge night continued with Hot in Cleveland (1,873,000) subbing for S#*! My Dad Says, Grey’s Anatomy (2,235,000) and The Mentalist (2,567,000) with CSI kicking in another 1,866,000 at 7 p.m. Worth noting that the CTV Evening News soared to 1,771,000 at 6.
Over at the American Idol witness protection program, the results show drew 1,208,000 viewers to A. A Leafs-Canadiens game scored just under a million viewers on Sportsnet Ontario.
Except for Wipeout (853,000), Global was pretty much wiped out. The Office (394,000), Raising Hope (227,000) another Office (207,000) and Outsourced (313,000) all fell behind CBC`s take with The Nature of Things (648,000) and Doc Zone (397,000).

CTV owns this night with its trio of crime drama imports The Defenders (1,197,000), CSI: New York (1,895,000) and Blue Bloods (1,963,000). CBC lost some of its Marketplace (688,000). Mercer 2.0 did 466,000, fifth estate 447,000. Fringe did 589,000 on City. Global also airs shows on Fridays, including Haven 152,000. Why doesn’t Global toss Lost Girl on this night? Curling fans got their rocks off at TSN with 766,000 checking out the Hearts tourney.


H.N.I.C. Game One 2,340,000, Game Two 1,191,000. TSN drew 758,000 for Hearts. SNL did 230,000 on Global.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards was a stupid waste of time. Just ask the 6,113,000 Canadians who tuned in. The pre-show drew 2,259,000, with 897,000 stumbling upon the eTalk red carpet wank.
All this took a toll on The Amazing Race (1,651,000) but CTV would say it was worth it.
Despite all the Oscar hoopla, Heartland still galloped off with 919,000. CBC’s Sunday movie (“They Do it with Mirrors”) did 425,000 opposite the award show.
Aside from The Simpsons (603,000) and Family Guy (510,000), Global got hammered (Brothers & Sisters 196,000).
Oscar means zip to curling fans. TSN drew 1,082,000 for the Hearts final, with 818,000 catching the afternoon draw. A Leaf game on Sportsnet Ontario also drew 803,000 non red carpet fans.


  1. What’s with the one man crusade to save 18 to Life? Yeah, InSecurity is corny, looks bad and is maybe funny once and episode, but 18 to Life is the worst Canadian sitcom ever to air, and I’m including Trouble with Tracy. Its jokes are dated, the leads have no chemistry and the directing seems to be from another genre. It didn’t deserve to last three episodes, let alone three seasons. My guess, the ratings it does get are from shut-ins who dropped the remote.

  2. “shut-ins who dropped the remote”

    that and the clicker knob broke off on the CBC setting on the RCA Victor television set.

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