CBS says Charlie Sheen is out and he’s never coming back. Does this mean Two and a Half Men is toast? Probably and CTV will miss it. No matter where they played it, on CTV or /A, first run or rerun, it was an automatic audience magnet for eight strong seasons.
Maybe Sheen’s next move should be to Canada. Hey, the CFL straightened out Ricky Williams. A few weeks on Little Mosque and he’ll be running back across the border to kiss Chuck Lorre’s ass.
Here’s a look at the top shows in prime time in Canada, among viewers 2+. according to overnight estimates:

King of Castle Nathan Fillion

What was the No. 1 show in Canada last Monday? House? Sheen-shuttered Two and a Half Men? Nope, it’s Castle, which drew close to 2.3 million CTV viewers at 10 last week. Must be all those Canucks in the cast.
House was close behind with 2,266,000 overnight, estimated Global viewers. All those Sheenanigans drove a rerun of Two and a Half Men past the 1.8 million mark. The rest of CTV’s night went Mr. Sunshine (1,140,000), Mad Love (1,370,000) and Mike & Molly (1,576,000). Global’s new cop drama The Chicago Code did 1,354,000. Hawaii FIVE-0 repeated over a million.
City beat CBC with The Bachelor (755,000) and NBC mid-season pickup Harry’s Law (658,000). CBC went Little Mosque (561,000), 18 to Life (336,000), Village on a Diet (465.000).

A 90-minute, early blast of American Idol was No. 1 on the night with 2,427,000 overnight, estimated CTV viewers. CTV threw S#*! behind it (950,000). Law & Order SVU capped their night (1,020,000).
There was no  Glee at Global, but the network finally got to run NCIS in simulcast and were rewarded with close to 2.2 million viewers. NCIS: Los Angeles followed with 1,856,000. The Good Wife at 10 drew 1,240,000.
The Habs scored 723,000 hockey fans over at RDS. City’s The Biggest Loser gained 681,000 viewers. On CBC, Mercer repeated at 650,000. InSecurity did 336,000—exactly what cancelled comedy 18 to Life did this week. Pillars of the Earth had a 596,000 finale. TSN won 547,000 with an Ottawa Senators game.

Another 90-minute American Idol topped the night (2.5 million), with Global’s Survivor right behind (2,435,000) and actually ahead in the demos. CBC also had a strong Wednesday. Dragon’s Den did 1,843,000; a fun episode of Republic of Doyle 834,000.
Canada still loves Criminal Minds, with close to 1.4 watching the original on /A and 1.7 million checking out Criminal Minds SB on CTV. Mike & Molly gained 943,000 tucked behind Idol on CTV.
When the Leafs are winning, TSN wins; 1,173,000 tuned in for a Wednesday night tilt. City scored 703,000 with Modern Family. Back-to-back Raising Hopes raised just 275,000 and 250,000 at 9 on Global. The new drama Off The Map found 1,022,000 at 10.

The Big Bang Theory wasn`t as big as usual in repeats (2,257,000). Hot in Cleveland drew 1,789,000 at 8:30. CTV got to simulcast CSI and that clicked with 1,649,000 viewers. The Mentalist did close to 1.8 million but then he already knew that.
This week`s third episode of American Idol did 1,529,000 on /A. Habs on RDS scored 855,000.
Global slummed with Wipeout (730,000) and then four episodes of The Office, none of which cracked 400,000.

CTV`s Friday: The Defenders (1,190,000), CSI New York (1,450,000), Blue Bloods (1,363,000). CBC went Marketplace (768,000), RMRepeat (475,000) fifth estate (603,000). Global, still scheduling Fridays, buried an old Bones (519,000), hid Haven (295,000), got zip from 90210 (245,000).


HNIC Game One 1,666,000, Game Two 740,000. Miley Cyrus helped SNL to 450,000 (Hader’s opening Sheen sketch helped).

After slumping due an Oscar shift the week before, The Amazing Race beat everything else in Canada this week with close to 2.8 million overnight, estimated viewers. CTV also did well Sunday with Undercover Boss (1,425,000), Desperate Housewives (1,765,000) and CSI Miami (1,916,000).
Global had a stronger than usual Sunday with the two hour season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice drawing close to 1.2 million viewers.(Hatch surviving was crazier than Gary Busey.) The Simpsons did 1,055,000 at 8, with Family Guy offending 836,000 at 8:30.
Heartland galloped off with just under a million. CBC`s Sunday movie did 397,000. Another week shot to hell.

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