Billy Dee, who got a Billy D-minus for his dancing from one critic

Each week, I recap Dancing with the Stars for I have done it for a few years and am not ashamed to admit it.
Until this season, that is. What an unholy hot mess that show has become. It is as if ABC/Disney has given up on any semblance of grace or dignity and just decided to dance their way into the gutter.
Monday’s season 18 premiere just seemed to be one tacky jaw-dropper after another. The whole show just looked cheaper, less classy than in other years. It didn’t help that they just inexplicably canned the co-host for a new blond. It was how newcomer Erin Andrews was used, however, that really dragged things down–basically to yank cheap smarm and gossip out of competitors between cha chas.
You got the feeling that if ABC could book Rob Ford, Lindsay Lohan or Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius into the mirror ball competition they’d do it in a heartbeat.
ABC should be ashamed of what they did to 77-year-old Billy Dee Williams Monday night, reducing him to a Jedi joke. And don’t get me started on dance competitor Sean Avery and the way ABC exploited this jerk’s boorish comments about former girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert. Somebody call Dion Phanneuf and see if he can come down to the dance floor next Monday and start elbowing Avery and others in the head.
I dissect the entire, sorry, stomach turning spectacle here online for

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