Dancing duo Karina Smirnoff and Sean Avery

What’s the deal with Dancing with the Stars? That’s CHML’s Scott Thompson’s opener on this week’s Hamilton Talk Radio podcast. He’d read my report of the abuse of poor old Billy Dee Williams, turned into a Jedi joke on Monday’s Season 18 premiere. Scott wonders if this might be the last season. Either that, or ABC is just convinced cheap and cheesy is the way to go.
Is it the D-list talent, Scott asks? Not really. Drew Carey is still working. Those Olympic ice dancers are hot off their gold medal win.
Others, not so famous, including despicable cad Sean Avery. DWTS has always veered tacky now and then, using Bill Nye, an Osmond or two or Sarah Palin’s daughter as ways to hook some viewers. NFL and soap stars have also been used to cast the widest possible net. Avery, however, is only there because of his douche-y rep. He wouldn’t dare do Battle of the Blades, because the MasterCard Centre–Blades’ home base the last two seasons–is where the Leafs practice and Dion Phaneuf would cha cha on his chin. Now there’s a reality show I’d watch.
We also talk about CTV moving Spun Out back to Thursdays behind The Big Bang Theory after the new Dave Foley comedy shed more than half its viewers in three outings (at least according to overnight estimates). Hey, the other nets would use Big Bang the same way if they had it. The move is temporary as CTV juggles Fridays college basketball coverage the next two Fridays.
You can listen to the full, ten minute podcast here.

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