If you’re wondering why Craig Ferguson has announced he is stepping out of late night, all you need do is check out the vid clip above. It speaks volumes.
Emma Stone guested on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Monday, where she wowed The Roots and everyone else with her ridiculous display of lip syncing. By 8:40 p.m. ET Wednesday evening, the clip of this on YouTube had 6,829,921 hits.Holy crap!
Craig Ferguson brings a wonderfully daft and sometimes dark vibe to late night. He is a sparkling conversationalist, especially opposite somebody who wakes him up. He made puppets and skeletons and fake horses cool again on television.
The conversation, however, has changed in late night. Interviews have given way to lip sync contests. Ferguson will never score a viral hit the way Fallon can. He knows it, and CBS knows it. He may have caught the last window doing his kind of show in late night. He’ll bow out with ten years under his belt and a new TV gig on the horizon, which is a great day for America. Plus he got to impress this man, which is worth a billion hits:

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