NBC luminaries (clockwise from top-left corner): What’s My Line? Panelist Arlene Francis, Bokaw, David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammar (Frasier), Bob Hope, Flip Wilson, news anchor Chet Huntley, Barbara Walters and (middle) Golden Girls Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan

NEW YORK–Last time I was in Manhattan, Bill Cosby was one of the TV icons featured in this wall-sized mural inside Comcast’s fabled TV shrine, 30 Rock.

That was before dozens of allegations that the 78-year-old entertainer had used pills as far back as the late ’60s in order to have sex with women.

One year later, the mural has been changed with trusted NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw’s portrait replacing that of Cosby. That wasn’t the only adjustment, however, on the mural that hangs within steps of NBC’s T-shirt and mug emporium.

Same mural, same wall, one year earlier

A different, smaller image of Brokaw used to be down on the bottom of the mural. (Good thing Brian Williams never made the wall!) To replace his original shot, NBC added Flip Wilson. Were they trying to balance the colour quota? Wilson was one of TV’s last big variety show stars in the early ’70s and deserves the recognition–and Killer will be pleased–but NBC can’t seem to win when it comes to, uh, whitewashing its past.

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