Not since the finale of The Sopranos has there been such reaction to a TV show fading to black. I’m taking about Sunday’s barely lit Battle of Winterfell episode of Game of Thrones. Here’s how it played in late night:

It was like listening to a very violent podcast. There were so many blacked out parts of the show, I thought I was reading the Mueller Report. — Jimmy Kimmel

What was that? It was like the first people to die in that battle was HBO’s lighting crew! — Trevor Noah

Even the President was like, ‘I can’t see a thing!’ His staff was like, ‘Sir, your TV is off.’ — Jimmy Fallon

According to the New York Times, Game of Thrones inspired names are becoming a lot more popular for babies. ‘Yeah, thanks a lot mom and dad,’ said Grey Worm. — Seth Meyers

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