Academy Awards


Oscar ratings are plummeting. I blame Leslie Neilsen. The Canadian born “Naked Gun” star hasn’t made a movie since 2009. This is mainly because he died in 2010. Neilsen was pretty much the reason I went to the movies. Imagine how much better “The Shape of Water” would have been if Frank Drebin had been

Is Seth MacFarlane doing it for ya?While he’ll be funnier than James Franco, I have to say the choice of MacFarlane is putting almost a full stop on my interest in Sunday’s 85th Annual Academy Awards.I can see where the Academy is going with this. Invite the inmates to take over the asylum. It worked

Now that another four hours of my life has been taken from me, it’s time to ask: why doesn’t ABC lobby to have Jimmy Kimmel host the Academy Awards? The late night talk show host is far funnier on his post-Oscar showcase than whoever hosts the main event these last few years as he proved

According to a CTV release Monday, an average 5,889,000 Canadians watched the 82nd Annual Academy Awards (based on BBM Canada overnight estimates). The enormous leap over last year’s Oscar number–almost a one-third jump–is the latest evidence that the new Portable People Meters are like rocket fuel for live, big event programming in Canada.All those viewers