April Fools


OTTAWA–The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission ruled Tuesday that the popular series Murdoch Mysteries must cease airing on CBC and return “where it belongs” to City TV stations across Canada. The Shaftesbury production was canceled three years ago on Rogers-owned City but then CBC swooped in and rescued the series. Ever since transitioning to CBC, Murdoch

In a surprise move, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission announced today it was granting Sun News network’s request to become a must-carry TV channel.“They just kept asking, over and over again,” CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais explained in Ottawa yesterday.Mandatory carriage means the little-watched news network will be forced on consumers in every household in Canada.

In the wake of recently announced cutbacks, TV Feeds My Family has obtained the top secret, totally revised CBC schedule. Here’s what viewers will have to look forward to next fall once the $115 million chop to the annual parliamentary appropriation starts impacting the schedule. STEVEN OR CHRIS–LifestyleHard times at the network force the daytime

Are you like me? Do you miss TV listings? The good news is you can still find them every Saturday in the Toronto Star’s Starweek magazine (which I’m happy to report beat projections on that 50 cent signup deal). In case you didn’t sign up (and there’s still time), here’s what you’re missing in these

In an aggressive effort to speed up the North American economic recovery, U.S. president Barack Obama today fired 553 CBC middle managers. The move takes effect at noon today.The White House said the drain on not just Canada but the world’s economy could no longer be tolerated. No evidence could be found that the middle