Bob Hope


Milton Berle was television’s earliest non-puppet breakout star. Let’s not forget Howdy Doody. Berle’s Texaco Star Theater (1948-’53) a rambunctious comedy-variety series that stood out in the early days of network television, was the most-watched series among early set buyers. Berle himself joked that he sold more TV’s than anyone else. When his show came

Early on in this week’s brioux.tv: the podcast episode with Dave Thomas the St. Catherines, Ont., native talks about his brief career in advertising. One of the things he learned in that business that helped his comedy career, he says, is the importance of brevity or “seconds.” So let me get straight to the point:

Wayne Abbott and Sly: where was Rambo in Dieppe? DIEPPE, France–The Karma gods have a sense of humour. How else to explain that Wayne Abbott’s documentary, Dieppe Uncovered, is having its premiere today in Dieppe at a local theatre that’s soon to be playing The Expendables 2?There are many who still think the Allied commanders