Ken Kercheval was one of two actors — the other being Larry Hagman — who starred on the entire run of the TV hit of the ’80s, Dallas (1978 – 1991). The Indiana native played Cliff Barnes, the not-so-nice guy who always seemed to get outfoxed at the last minute by the prime time soap’s

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks if J.R. is gone for good on Dallas. The answer, of course, is yes. Bravo will miss him in Canada; the Canadian specialty channel scored a record 453,000 overnight viewers for Larry Hagman’s  tribute episode Monday.We talk about a lot of other stuff; you can listen in here.

Can Dallas survive without Larry Hagman? That journey begins now  Monday night, Dallas bids farewell to one of TV’s greatest villains.The episode (on TNT and Bravo in Canada at 9 p.m. ET) reunites some former cast members, including Ken Kercheval and Charlene Tilton, as friends and family gather to pay respects to Larry Hagman’s ultimate

Hagman: the brim kept getting bigger to extend past his eyebrows It was just about a year ago, in January of 2012, when Larry Hagman faced television critics as a group for the final time. The TV icon passed away Friday at 81 of complications from cancer. He was battered but unbowed, thin from the

Denny Laine. He was in Wings; I eat them BURBANK, CA–What better way to celebrate the end of another press tour then to go to the place where the stars ultimately wind up–The Hollywood Show. The celebrity autograph exhibition and marketplace takes place a couple of times a year at the Burbank Marriott hotel. Other

It’s happened. The most-watched TV show of the week in all of Canadais a soccer game (Sunday’s UEFA England/Italy tilt). Somewhere, Don Cherry weeps. Beyond TSN’s Euro 2012 coverage, the NHL Awards were still a decent draw on CBC. Summer doldrums have set in, however, and despite strong showings by domestic dramas The Listener, Saving

Back in business: Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman Way back when TV first started feeding my family, the biggest star there was was Larry Hagman. Dallas was on at least a dozen TV Guide Canada covers in the ’80s as readers couldn’t get enough of J.R., sexy Victoria Principal, Southfork and all those Ewing shenanigans.TNT