It’s happened. The most-watched TV show of the week in all of Canadais a soccer game (Sunday’s UEFA England/Italy tilt). Somewhere, Don Cherry weeps.
Beyond TSN’s Euro 2012 coverage, the NHL Awards were still a decent draw on CBC. Summer doldrums have set in, however, and despite strong showings by domestic dramas The Listener, Saving Hope and Continuum, Canada is starting to experience the same kind of TV turnoff taking place this month south of the border.
Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of June 19-24 according to overnight estimates:
The Glass House is half full on this shameless Big Brother rip-off
CTV had reruns of Mike & Molly (671,000) and Two and a Half Men (624,000) then a hearty helping of Masterchef (1,289,000). The premiere of the Big Brother clone The Glass House drew 692,000 curious onlookers.
America’s Got Talent (1,169,000) continues to pull them in at City. Hell’s Kitchen simmered to 547,000 at 9. Shameless followed at 10 (152,000).
Global opened with Psych (340,000) followed by reruns of House (391,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (710,000).
CBC made do with reruns of Mr. D (286,000), Ron James(239,000) and Republic of Doyle (418,000).
CTV Two’s only draw was Criminal Minds at 8 (368,000).
Jays/Brewers batted 663,000 on Sportsnet. Italy/Ireland entertained 503,000 soccer fans on TSN. WWE Raw body slammed 443,000 on Score. Big show on Discovery was River Monsters (293,000).
Helene and Tali serve soldiers on Masterchef. 
CTV had fresh Hot in Cleveland (1,091,000) followed by Bent(458,000). Masterchef followed at 9 (1,458,000) leading into Love in the Wild(974,000).
Global did well as usual with reruns of NCIS (1,018,000) plus NCIS: Los Angeles (1,058,000). Canada Singsfollowed at 10 (450,000).
City got cookin’ with Hell’s Kitchen (888,000) followed by America’s Got Talent (755,000). Back to back episodes of FX Canada cross over Louie did 151,000, 74,000.
CBC aired a Mercerrepeat (371,000), a spare 22 Minutes(284,000) and dug out an episode of Camelot(228,000).
Criminal Minds (400,000) was the big draw on CTV Two.
The Blue Jays were on deck at Sportsnet, pulling 665,000 against Milwaukee. TSN did even better with an Englandvs. Ukrainesoccer match (676,000). The evening Miami/Oklahoma NBA final drew 349,000.
Deadliest Catch hooked 410,000 on Discovery. Pawn Starsfetched 284,000 and 279,000 on History. Pretty Little Liars seduced 173,000 on MuchMusic.
Lauren Lee Smith and Craig Olejnik of The Listener. Back over a million
CTV saw So You Think You Can Dancewaltz off with 1,453,000 viewers over two hours. The Listener was up at 10 to 1,149,000 in the overnights.
CBC had the NHL Awards, direct from Las Vegas (737,000).
The new U.S.cable reboot of Dallaswent from 655,000 to 460,000 on Bravo. Forget “Who Shot J.R.,” this is more like, “Who gave J.R. his shots?”
Global aired Justin Bieber: The World at 8 (460,000) followed by The Office (134,000) and a 90-minute edition of Duets (371,000).                                 
City stuck with The Middle (181,000), Suburgatory (218,000) and Modern Family (331,000). Rules of Engagement slid in at 9:30 (193,000) followed by a new episode of Murdoch Mysteries (352,000).
CTV Two went Flashpoint (232,000), Criminal Minds (491,000), CSI (509,000). History scared 424,000 with Swamp People. The Jays batted 345,000 vs. Milwaukee on Sportsnet. TSN2 drew 258,000 to a TiCat/Blue Bomber CFL game. The Real Housewives of Vancouver drew 196,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice.
CTV reran The Big Bang Theorythree times in a row counting the 7:30 slot (1,275,000, 1,813,000, 1,574,000). The new shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hoperemained strong and steady with 1,438,000 overnight viewers. The Mentalistdid 1,176,000 at 10, although he already knew that.
Czech vs. Poland drew 652,000 to TSN’s daily Euro Cup soccer coverage. The evening NBA finals drew 471,000.
Justin Bieber got another outing on Global at 8 (540,000) followed by the Will Smith film Hancock(587,000).
Two imported sitcom reruns failed to crack 100,000 at 8 on City followed by Person of Interest (438,000). At 10 City aired two more sitcoms, 2 Broke Girls (241,000) and HIMYM(221,000).
CBC stuck with warmed over Nature of Things (336,000) and Doc Zone (343,000).
House of Bryan (365,000) stayed strong on HGTV, followed by the launch of reno master Jim Caruk’s new series Builder Boss (231,000), pretty robust considering the lack of promotion.
Take Me Out (228,000) and The Choice (370,000) kept the lights on at CTV Two. Nikita (70,000) did not.
CTV burnt off some old episodes of Whitney (497,000) and the already forgotten NBC sitcom Best Friends Forever(385,000). CSI New York(935,000) and Blue Bloods (1,054,000) still shone in reruns.
TSN saw Germanykick their ratings up to 917,000 in quarter final soccer action. The NHL Draft did even better, pulling an estimated, overnight 1 million even.
Global had The Glee Project (453,000) followed by Bones (626,000) and specialty call up Lost Girl (231,000).
CTV Two went with Shark Tank (268,000). City reran Murdoch Mysteries (261,000). A.N.T. Farm (289,000) flourished on Family channel.
Jays batted 594,000 on Sportsnet. TSN’s daily soccer scores: Ukraine/France 479,000, Sweden/England 731,000. The second round of the U.S. Open shot a 463,000.
CBC’s “Rejected Shows” theme night did about what you’d expect:Insecurity (127,000), Little Mosque(128,000) and Michael Tuesdays(91,000). Halifax Comedy Fest added 187,000.
Spain/France was the big draw in TSN’s afternoon Euro Cup action (1,132,000). A Jays game against Miamidraws 575,000 on Sportsnet.
GOOOAAL! Soccer was the top draw once again in Canadaon a Sunday, with a StanleyCup-like 2,058,000 tuning in to see the quarterfinal game between Englandand Italy on TSN. Jays batted 572,000 against the Marlins on Sportsnet.
The shot-in-Vancouver sci-fi cop series Continuum went from 389,000 to 473,000 in its fifth week on Showcase.
CTV reran CanCon duo The Listener (522,000) and Saving Hope (422,000) followed by CSI (864,000).
City got another 240,000 to watch an episode of Murdoch Mysteriesfollowed by back-to-back encores of America’s Got Talent (410,000, 406,000).
Global stuck with cartoon comedies The Simpsons (528,000), Bob’s Burgers (321,000), Family Guy (518,000) and American Dad (364,000). The Good Wife added 295,000 at 10.
CBC reran Heartland (330,000) and then the movie Happy Gilmore (710,000).
Mythbustersexploded to 465,000 on Discovery. Swam People scared up 346,000 on History. CTV Two recycled the MMVAs (137,000).


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