This week, CHML Talk Radio host Scott Thompson wanted to hear more about those three young blond women dressed in pink mini-dresses carrying the 6-foot inflatable penis around in Vegas. Scott has that kind of journalisticly inquisitive, investigative mind.
As mentioned here previously, I was in Vegas covering an upcoming Travel + Escape channel series, the Paddling Bryans. These three were wandering the Wynn Encore resort last week and, knowing a photo op when I see one, I threw a picture up of them on this blog.
I really don’t know anything else about them–if they were bringing props to a Carrot Top performance, or leftovers from the NHL Awards, or just happy to see me.  All I know is the security folks at the Encore didn’t seem all that happy to see them.
Scott and I yak about some other stuff, some of it about television. You can listen in here.


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