David Carradine


This is not a super story about Margot Kidder. Born in the Northwest Territories, the actress best known for playing comic book heroine Lois Lane in a series of Superman movies passed away this week at 69. Kidder was winning on screen and at one point even enchanted the Prime Minister of the day, dating

I only have one Don Francks story, and it’s really not even about him. News of the passing of Francks came over the weekend. He was 84. The Vancouver-born actor, jazz musician and all around cool dude worked right up till the end, finally succumbing to lung cancer. Francks is somebody I really regret not having

I’ll never forget meeting David Carradine. It was way back in 1987, in the middle of the night.He was guest starring on the CTV police drama Night Heat, which had broken through to a summer tryout on CBS at the time and was importing a few big name stars. Carradine was in his trailer, parked