Dragon’s Den


Yannick Bisson has reason to smile Premiere week is over. How did CBC do?The first week of January is a big one for CBC as the public broadcaster tries to take advantage of a more-or-less down week in network television to sneak on its 2013 series premieres. The network headed into the  beginning of the

The Big Bang Theoryis such a story in Canada. It tops the prime time ratings every week, Canada’s only show that consistently draws over three million viewers. It is stripped weekdays on CTV, pulling millions more. Comedy milked it again all Easter weekend, and got by far its best run of ratings of the year.

I used to goof on CBC all the time when I was the TV columnist at the Toronto Sun. Back then it wasn’t even mandatory.Once I wrote an obit that began, “BROADCASTING CORPORATION, CANADIAN; died in its sleep last night…”Good times.The fellow in charge of CBC programming back then, Slawko Klymkiw, was a very patient

It is a sight to put a smile on the face of anyone ever given the bum’s rush out of the Dragon’s Den: Kevin O’Leary, the belligerent, bald-headed bully dragon, behind bars. The venture capitalist didn’t pull off a ponzi scheme or abscond with his O’Leary Fund assets. He trades in his designer duds for

Dragon’s Den billionaire Kevin O’Leary in the slammer? The busy TV host tells the story in this clip shot at CBC’s Winter Press Launch in Toronto last Friday. He spent 12-and-a-half hours in a holding cell in a Chatham, Ont., prison while researching his upcoming CBC reality series Redemption, Inc. The series finds O’Leary and

Mr. D star Gerry Dee CBC invited a bunch of us down to the bunker Friday to interview the stars of their new and returning shows at their Winter press junket in Toronto. They’ll do it all again Tuesday in Vancouver. January is a big deal to the public broadcaster. A check of the ratings

A week of high comedy in Ottawa continues to boost the fortunes of the Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes–just as a cratering Canadian economy has put an extra roar in Dragon’s Den. Whoa, Stephen Harper–who knew you’d go to such lengths to boost the CBC!Mercer pulled 1,150,000 on Tuesday, the series’