The money is no longer in the banana stand. Jessica Walter, who capped off a long and distinguished stage, screen and television career with roles on cutting edge 21st century comedies Arrested Development and the animated FX series Archer passed away Wednesday at home in her native New York. She was 80. She earned her

Hump day seems up for grabs this coming season. After 13 years, Survivor is starting to show its age in Canada, leaving room open for others to finally knock it off the island.For CBC, this may help sustain its No. 1 show, Dragon’s Den, as well as re-launch at 9 an-extended season of Republic of

Wrote a story about this guy Pablo Schreiber in an article that appeared in Thursday’s Toronto Star.Seems he’s the half-brother of Liev Schreiber. Seems he was once on one of the best TV shows ever, The Wire. Seems he’s the busiest star on TV, or will be in just over a month when he’ll be