CBC and TSN were probably counting on long playoff runs from the mighty Vancouver Canucks and Pittsburgh Penguins. Now Sidney Crosby and the Sedin twins are out of the race for the Stanley Cup, and Southern teams such as Phoenix and Nashville are on to Round Two.With Detroitalso eliminated, and Ottawa do or die to

Canadians love shows about nerds who buy comic books Last week in Canadian television saw its share of reruns and mid-season misfires. The Big Bang Theory was Canada’s most-watched show, with usual suspects Survivor, The Amazing Race and Hockey Night in Canada also crashing the Top-5. Canada’s Got Talent stayed strong at City, with Leaf

Canada’s Got Talent judges Whatshisname, Measha Foursylables, Martin Short A repeat of The Big Bang Theory still managed to top the Canadian ratings in a week that saw several premieres. City’s new, homegrown, star search showcase, Canada’s Got Talent, got off to a strong start Sunday. Less auspicious was the second season debut of Kingon Showcase

King returns for a second season Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 9 p.m. on Showcase. Amy Price-Francis returns as a ballsy police detective booted upstairs to head a Major Crimes division, where she butts heads–among other things–with Alan Van Sprang’s moody cop character.I was invited to the south Etobicoke set a few weeks ago, along with