Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS–Some observations about this freaky little town in the dessert from Captain Obvious:Ladies here always seem happy to help a fella from out of town out with a pointer or two (see photo, above). These kids were getting thrown out of the Wynn Thursday night for bringing their giant inflatable penis into the casino.

Stacey and Nikki make a Moose sandwich apres NHL Awards LAS VEGAS–The NHL Awards at the Wynn Hotel and Casino? With a name like Wynn, no wonder there were no Leafs walking the grounds.I’m down here on the dime of Travel + Escape, not to attend hockey banquets but to interview their two dudes where

Paddling Bryan’s Wallwork and Adams. Not the singer LAS VEGAS–Everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? It should be everything that happens before you get to Vegas should be thoroughly fact checked. Case in point: I blabbed about my trip to Vegas to CHML’s Scott Thompson and I got one big key fact

Pawn Stars returned a few weeks ago on History Television. The series, which airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m., has turned Rick Harrison, his dad the “Old Man,” his son “Hoss” and favourite sidekick “Chumlee” into rock stars on the strip as I discovered on a trip to Vegas late last year. These guys are

LAS VEGAS–What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas–unless you’re blogging about Las Vegas.I’m out here in Sin City for the first time in ages. They tell me Bugsy is gone. So is Sammy, Frank and Dean. Now the big names up on the giant neon billboards on all these fancy new theme park hotels around