Leonard Nimoy


“This carefully-written series caters to intellectuals and science-fiction buffs.” That’s how Star Trek was dismissed when it first came out. TV’s most successful franchise was never a hit in its original run, peaking at No. 52 during it’s first season. Cancelled after two, fans demanded a third and final season. Sept. 8  marked the 50th

You had to know folks were standing around a central editing desk when some smart aleck suggested this headline. Other papers would have gone shields up, but hats off to the Toronto Sun for beaming this one out there for the ages. Epic, but makes you wonder what got rejected! Read Jim Slotek’s terrific Sun

Sometimes when a famous TV personality dies, I get asked to talk about the person on the radio. I got a message from a producer today asking if I would speak about Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek‘s original Spock passed away Friday at 83. Since the interview was for Arlene Bynon I quickly said yes. We chat every Monday